Fiorentina Fiori, the supplier for various cut flowers and foliage from Italy.

Fiorentina Fiori is an export company operating from Tuscany Italy. With our depot in the centre of the
production area, we are capable to serve our clients the best products. Due to the strict quality control
of our employees at the growers, it is possible to select the best products for our customers. We are
always aiming for a fair price for our customer as well as the supplier.


Fiorentina Fiori offers a wide range of cut flowers and foliage, which is extended by the year.With us you can find well-known Italian products as well as special products. You can find our current product offer here.


We give high value to a good relationship with customer and our supplier. Our vision that high customer satisfaction is, only reachable if you also have satisfied suppliers. It is our job to find the right balance between these two. Due to our location, close to our suppliers, we are able to adjust fast if necessary.


All our products are collected at one location. At this location we have
a quality a control before the products are packed for transport.


A small organization where personal contact and clear communication is key. We are always happy to help.

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Via Aurelia Sud km 353

55049 Viareggio (Lu) – Italy

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Largo Belvedere 8

56128 Tirrenia (Pi) – Italy

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